Engine Check Lights. What you need to know.

Today we want to explain to you about the check engine light. When your vehicle detects an issue with an emissions based system it will illuminate your check engine light. 

Here is what you really need to know though. If the check engine light comes on, do not panic! Most of these systems are designed to operate your vehicle safely even during a failure of that component or system. 

Give us a call and we can get you in very quickly to determine the cause of the light and then go from there. If the light comes on and starts blinking, then this is a sign that your engine is suffering from ignition misfires. In this case, you do need to stop driving or limit your driving severely and give us a call so we can get the vehicle repaired. Driving the vehicle with the check engine light blinking will cause damage to expensive system components like your exhaust catalyst but even more importantly it could overheat your exhaust system and cause a fire. Simply drive to a safe stopping place and let us take care of you.

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Carbon Cleaning

Wrench Werks is proud to offer industry leading carbon cleaning services for Audi & Volkswagen engines featuring direct-injection technology. Wrench Werks Carbon Cleaning Services are designed to effectively remove carbon deposits and buildup from the intake ports and intake valves, and restore lost power and efficiency.

You can reach one of our Service Advisors at (808) 593-0335  or by using our online contact form to schedule your appointment today!

  Before and After Carbon Cleaning