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After our VW dealer told us we need a new clutch to the tune of $2500, we decided to shop around. I spoke directly to the owner of Wrench Werks (Lance) and told him what the dealer said. He called back within 15 min with an estimate of $1216, less than half of what the dealer quoted. Suspicious, I looked for Yelp reviews and talked to Lance several times about exactly what part they'd put in, etc. We decided to entrust the VW GTI (2004) to them and I'm so happy we did! They were extremely responsive, professional, courteous and very quick. These guys work hard and know what they're doing. They also have a detailing shop on-site so you can get your car back like new. They also did a very good job. Highly recommend them! Great work Wrench Werks team, and Aaron and Lance specifically!


Effecient, affordable and friendly. Better than going to the dealership. They saved me alot of time and money


We have an 2001 Audi S4. In the past it was always serviced at the dealership, but I have a close highschool friend who's parents own and operate a mechanic shop. They are very trust worthy and honest ppl, but they specialize in american cars. I was referred by them to get the car checked at Volx German. My mom reported that she was really happy with the service and that they were very respectful. She really trusts this place, and my mom is actually very mechanically inclined. She use work on her Volvo back in the day, and continues to work on cars, but only to a minimal maint level. The Audi is tough for her, because it needs a professional. Although the car has been going to the dealship in the past, they were a "headache", and "overpaid". I highly recommend this shop.


Volx German have changed their name (and ownership?). The new name of the firm is "Wrench Werks". Shop rate is $95/hr which is reasonable for Honolulu. The dealer had recommended a few unnecessary things for my car which these guys confirmed were unnecessary saving me $400-500. The work they did do was fairly priced, well done, and quick. I highly recommend them if you have a VW. Seems they are working on a host of other types of cars now too...

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